See what our guests are saying about their time flying above the Adirondacks.

Been coming to Inlet for 18 years watching the seaplanes flying over Fourth Lake. Finally got on one today! Wished I went sooner. Took a wide range of ages and a good time was had by all! Will be back next year.
— Bill P. F.
I took the shorter tour first and was thrilled with the views - so much gorgeous wilderness! The pilot’s information and stories about the locations he pointed out and all the lakes we saw were really interesting. Then I took the tour of the high peaks - wow! Breathtaking. I would never have imagined this geography to exist in New York state and would not have seen it if it weren’t for the Paynes. I highly recommend their seaplane tours.
— Bobbi S.
Had an amazing ride over our place at Brantingham Lake with Mr. Payne to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary which pales in comparison to his 59 years! A very. Nice gentleman and a great experience that should be on everyone’s bucket list!
— Darlene S.
I’ve been waiting 10+ years to go a on seaplane ride and today I finally got too!!! It was absolutely amazing and breathtaking. Such a smooth ride. We’ll be back next year for sure to take a longer tour
— Meg T.
This was an amazing trip, birthday present from my boyfriend. The leaves were at absolute peak & looked so beautiful from up above. Captain Tom was a great guide. I highly recommend.
— Julie S.M.
The best! Tom Payne is a great guide and pilot. We took adults and kids with zero seaplane and varied flying experience. Everybody had a great time. And, what a way to witness the majesty of the ADK. I can not wait to go back!
— Anne R.
We are here in inlet town for 5 this town.. had already experienced speed boating..climbed rocky mountain, Enchanted Safari.. then saw Paynes Air Husband definitely want to try the ride. So came here.. so thrilled!! Our whole family loved and enjoy the beautiful ride.. keep up the good work:)
— Sofia S.
The ride was a great way to get a different perspective of what my camp on 7th Lake looks like and the area as a whole. My dad and I enjoyed the ride very much and can’t wait to get back up in the sky again soon.
— Andy C.
Our 12 yr old daughter wanted to do this all summer! Since we were going boating in the area, we decided to do the air ride over the lakes. The pilot was very informative and the rest of the day, couldn’t get that smile off our daughters face. She loved seeing it and learning the places! Thank you! My husband and I were impressed too!
— Lesley G.
Our ride was absolutely amazing and we would do it again in a heartbeat. The pilot was so accommodating to my husband, 3 young children and myself. He made us all feel comfortable and gave us a great tour. He explained just about everything we saw since this was our first time in the Adirondacks. Smooth take off, fantasist ride and perfect landing. Thank you for this unforgettable memory you gave my family. My children will never forget their first plane ride!
— Jennifer M. S.
Was just up to the Adirondacks for a two week vacation and decided to go on a sea plane ride with my fiancé!! My father and grandfather were pilots, but I never had the opportunity to ride with them!! So let’s just say this ride was amazing and brought back many memories!! Thank you very much again Jim!!
— Jaimie C.
Everyone needs to go up at least once! It is amazing how beautiful our area is from the sky and they are excellent host in the air!
— Kurt G.
What a great way to get a bird’s eye view of the Adirondacks. And very impressed with our pilot’s flying skills! Well worth the money!
— Michael D.
A wholesome, wonderful experience of peak foliage from above! Jim and Jody were wonderful and made our two young children feel comfortable and safe; a must do in the Fall.
— Stephane M.
These guys are great and have been at it for awhile. I can’t believe how low the rates are, so much fun especially for the money!!!
— Daniel R.
If you could rate it higher than a 5 I definitely would! My husband and I took our two boy’s as a surprise (they are 4 and 7). Our boys LOVE it! Our oldest even sat in the front with the pilot. The ride was beautiful (we went during the fall season) and our pilot was very knowledgeable and wonderful about answering any of the questions we or the kids had. We can’t wait to go again during the summer season!
— Erica B. L.